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Introducing Total Utilities

Our team of expert analysts offers unbiased advice on the service and pricing of all relevant utilities suppliers.

Find out how we can help your organisation to save money...
  • Independent Advice

    Total Utilities is an independent utilities consultancy offering a full spectrum of services for businesses that meet the needs of our clients.

  • Stategy & Expertise

    Total Utilities analysts provide clients with expert market knowledge and advice providing clear and concise reporting, making it easy for you to make an informed choice.

  • Better Service

    We provide a personalised timely service in negotiating the best possible contract for your company’s utilities – leaving you to focus on core business.

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Industry Commentary

Managing the Cloud

I get a strong sense that CIO’s across New Zealand want to make changes but feel burdened by their existing provider and service constructs. Ironically the situation is the same whether they do the work in-house or outsource it to a trusted provider. CIO’s and Service Managers are also expressing increasing levels of concern around… Read More

Cloud Service Management – what’s your view?

When over 2000 people attended the Amazon Summit in Auckland recently, it was a clear sign that cloud-based services are now mature and garnering ever-increasing acceptance. Thousands more are attending Amazon’s partner roadshow around the country this month. As if to cement our market’s acceptance of cloud services, Microsoft recently awarded Datacom its “Cloud Services provider… Read More

Major change in Network Charges for Auckland

Vector and United Networks are shifting away from a volume-based pricing methodology in favour of a peak demand weighted tariff structure. From April 1st, large customers in Central and South Auckland will see little advantage in seasonal Summer Day prices as these are aligned to a reduced Winter Day rate/kWh while the demand tariff will… Read More

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